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Her er litt info vi sender ut til de som tester IDEA

IDEA StatiCa Steel

Introduction to IDEA StatiCa Steel (video)

Tutorial bolted plate to plate connection (video)

Link between IDEA StatiCa Connection  and  Tekla Structures,  Advance Steel, Robot, SCIA Engineer and SAP 2000 (videos)

Professor Wald explaining CBFEM method (video)

Starting pack – Product sheet, Tutorials, Theoretical background, Verification examples, User guide, Articles etc.

Our latest case study – tricky connection at Heathrow airport expansion solved by IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Release note version 7.0

IDEA StatiCa Concrete and Prestressing

Introduction to IDEA StatiCa Concrete (videos)

Introduction to IDEA StatiCa Prestressing (videos)

Starting pack – Product sheets, Tutorials, Verification examples, User guide, Articles etc.

Tutorial Continuous beam (video)

I am putting colleagues from EDRMedeso (our Nordics reseller) in cc. We are doing a webinar on Steel Connection Design this Thursday 13:00 – feel free to join here.

Link for kurs Tekla

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