Structures and social interaction

Development of structures in Norway in historical perspective

Norway has climate , landscape and soils That is challenging . Norwegians have in spite of that demonstrated an ability and willingness to adapt the conditions and exploit the opportunities we have and we as a nation continue to use many resources in order to take do incremental and radical innovations.

Bridge history in Norway.

Norway has taken the challenge with a need for to do drilling for oil in deeper water and towards growing worse climatic conditions at the same time as number of accidents has decreased. We have believed that we will manage the challenge and we continue to work hard to take new technical steps. NTNU have now oceans on general basis as important priority and not only Oil & Gas. See NTNU Oceans space

Transparency has become an important indicator of degree of corruption and stability worldwide. Norway consists mostly of smaller communities that is relatively transparent compared with other countries. When we work in Norway we do we have a tradition for to do business based on relationships and trust. In a stable society, we have the opportunity to think in long-term. Therefore we often choose suppliers that gain us in the long run which may not only be dependent on price/contract. It is more like we do business within the family.

The idea Ours is to build on the good sides of the Norwegian tradition. Contributes to develop and design structures based on long-term business relationships. Our business is based extensive experience especially within steel structures and we know a lot about what is technically possible. In addition to that, we have good overview over additional competence in Norway within that Field. has solutions used across industries.

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