Module 1 – Introduction to Offshore Structures

In “Introduction to Offshore Structures” the student will get

  • An overview over Oil&Gas market segmentation for load bearing structures.  The student know the difference between subsea, fixed and floating load bearing structures.
  •  Get an idea of what has to be done to create at an offshore structure with respect of  planning, how to organize the work and what kind of documents that has to be made.
  • A short introduction to the local Oil&Gas market.
  • Get an idea of physical impact – what are the main challenges to make load bearing structures offshore.
  • Know what heave, yaw, sway, pitch, roll and surge is
  • Know the difference between main steel, secondary steel and outfitting steel.
  • Give a start point in order to “read” load bearing structures
Sullabus for this module is:



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