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NAME:                                   Jomar Tørset

DATE OF BIRTH:                 December 27, 1965

NATIONALITY:                    Norwegian

LANGUAGE:                        Norwegian, English

MARITAL STATUS:            Married



I have since 1992 experience within management, fabrication, analysis and design of main, secondary and outfitting offshore steel structures according to EN, NORSOK, DnV and ISO standards. That includes 5 years’ experience within design of steel bridges/safety barriers according to NS3472 and 3 years’ experience with development and support of subsea Manifold structures designed according to ISO standards as Department Manager for GE Oil&Gas team in Trondheim. Support function for use of analysis software during among others, Troll oil, Troll gas (A) and Njord detail engineering phase in Aker Engineering as a member of the FASTRUDL software development team. Since august 2015 I have teached in “Design of Ocean Space Structures” and 25 student projects and 24000 student hours annually through a problem based subject.

Software skills

I have experience into how to use the Sesam-package, Staad and Abaqus from the Oil&Gas industry. KOBOS in bridge design.

Currently I teach how to use SAP 2000 and Idea Statica in the subject “Design of Ocean Space Structures”. I teach in use of Tekla and I also use Archicad on other projects. I addition most of the calculation and are based on hand calculations, MathCAD and Excel.

Currently I do evaluation on waves, wind, current loads on how to do evaluations on this in fjords. There are some special software for that.

For CAD-software, I teach in use of Tekla-software. I have previously used PDMS only to get status from the model or to help draftsmen get correct information into the model. In bridge design, I used Autocad. I also sometimes use AutoCAD sometimes when I find that more efficient.

I still do some programming work using Fortran from time to time. I worked extensively with that from 1992 to 1999.


2004                      Master of Technology Management program (MBA) which is cooperation between Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH), National University of Singapore (NUS).

1991                      Master of Science, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim.  Specializing within software development (FEM) and advanced structural analysis in order to do steel design

1988                      Bachelor in Civil Engineering,, Trondheim. Specialising in highway engineering, water supply and sewage treatment.

1985                      Secondary school, Orkdal

Work experience

2015-current assistant professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Teach in analysis and design of ocean space structures in addition to engineering system thinking philosophy through student projects (24 projects annually). Have teached in concrete analysis and design.

2014-15                Section manager Region Mid Oil&Gas (includes also onshore facilities)

Established oil&gas section (from 0 to 6 employees)
Marketing, team development and project performance/project manager.

2013-14                Section manager Region Mid Norway Offshore/Subsea

Established small work package structure and agreement on that towards Teekay
Tenderwork in cooperation with Fosdalen industries towards Heidrun installation
Project manager Aasta Hansteen SPAR. Supporting Lloyds towards Technip on NORSOK within structural, material and electro disciplines.
Project manager Work Shop “Vibration and noise”
Manager Trondheim Subsea Initiative under Norwegian Centre of Excellence Instrument”
Marketing work, team development and project performance.

2010-13                Department Manager GE Oil&Gas Trondheim (Vetco Gray Scandinavia) which is an integrated part of Subsea Manifold & Connection Systems with headquarter in Sandvika.  Projects have been primary Gorgon (Chevron) and Julimar (Apache) Australia with Manifolds & PLET’s designed according to ISO standards. The office has grown from 19 to about 40 engineers and administrates around 30 external consultants in addition.

2006-10                Team manager Structural/Marine/Analysis/Design. 25 employees.
Regular Employee Process Facilities Aibel, Billingstad

Structural lead Vincent FPSO process modules.

Smaller projects, FEED’s and tenders.

2006                      Consultant, Aibel. Structural lead and Senior structural engineer Vincent FPSO.

Client Maersk (for Woodside Australia).

2004-05                General Manager (3 month as Technical Manager) in Vigor Kristiansund AS. Vigor Kristiansund is a mechanical fabrication yard for steel, aluminium and titan structures with deliveries to the North Sea. 30 employees. Speciality pressure vessels.

1999-04                Senior Engineer, Bridge Technology Section, Technology Department, Directorate of Public Roads, Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen). Focus on design, control and approval of bridges within the main network in NPRA.
Chairman of a committee called Computational Mechanics Europe (CME). This committee is established in order to make rules for how computer simulations can be used in design, control and approval of safety barriers in Europe (development of the standard EN1317).

1992-99                Senior Structural Engineer, Aker Engineering as. Focus on software development and design of main offshore steel structures according to  EN, NORSOK and DnV standards.


Section manager Multiconsult Oil&GAS Trondheim

–     2013  RO-solution/Fosdalen Industrier studies. Heidrun Top-up Membrane Package.

–     2013  Vibration and noise input to Statoil Innovate

Department manager GE Oil&GAS Trondheim
–     2012-13  Julimar. Manifolds, PLET’s and pig receivers.

–     2010-12 Gorgon Greater Expansion. Manifold and PLET scope. Approximately 110 000 engineering hours.

Process&Facilities Aibel
     –     2010      Gudrun tender

–     2009-10 Oseberg D Area lead for replacement of separator Gas Treatment Package

–     2009      Skeie studies structural integrity/design

–     2009      Living quarter studies Oseberg A.

–     2009      Mongstad piperack studies

–     2006-08 Structural lead Vincent FPSO with personnel both in Singapore,Thailand & Billingstad

–     2007      Group manager, Structural/Marine/Analysis/Design


–     2006 Senior structural engineer, Process&Facilities Aibel. Vincent FPSO

Vigor Kristiansund

  • 2004-05, General Manager Vigor Kristiansund
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • 2002-03, Design manager, Melhus Bridge, Sør-Trøndelag
  • 1999-00, Analysis and Design of the bridge “Kviteseidbrui”, Telemark
  • 2002-04, Chairman of the Board for Computational Mechanics Europe (CME)
  • 1999-02, Research & Development of an competitive steel arc structure
  • 1999-04, Control and approval of several bridges
  • 2003-04, Member of the local union board (Directorate of Public Roads), TeknaAker Engineering (under Aker Maritime)
  • 1998-99, Involved in suction anchor design and calculations, Snorre B
  • 1998-99, Explosion analysis, Snorre B semi. Cellar deck, and process area. Abaqus analysis
  • 1998,    Aker Verdal, Offshore fabrication yards. Roll-up Eldfisk
  • 1998, Design of outfitting steel, Oseberg gass jacket
  • 1998-97, Discipline manager for analysis, Oseberg Gass (D) jacket.
  • 1997, Discipline manager for analysis, Jotun jacket
  • 1996-97, Inplace analyses, Ekofisk 2/4-X.
  • 1996-97, Global analyses for modification of H3-rig (Arethusa Neptune) for use on deeper water in the Mexico gulf areas.
  • 1996-97, Transport analyses, Oseberg east
  • 1996-97, Design / analyses of 2 jackets, Hermod
  • 1995, Valhall jacket, detail engineering
  • 1996, Design of skids on MST (prototype, Statoil).
  • 1996, NORFRA project, design of riser support. Fatigue calculation of jacket (by using SESAM) 16/11E
  • 1996, Design of Aasgard semi, tender phase
  • 1996, FEM-analysis of VISUND hull with loads from WAMIT.
  • 1992-97, Software development of programs such as FRAMEPLOT
  • 1992-97, Maintain the structural offshore engineering program FASTRUDL (equivalent with Sesam systems)
  • 1992-97, FASTRUDL-support for projects such as Frøy, Troll-oil, Troll-gas, Hibernia and AE offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Stord
  • 1996-97, SPLICE-support for projects such as Froy, and internal studies
  • 1992-97, Supplier contact for ICES (Integrated Computer Engineering System) on HP-RISC (Cap Debis, Munich). FASTRUDL is a subsystem of ICES
  • 1996-97, Structural engineer, detail engineering, Statoil Europipe 16/11-E riser platform. Fatigue analysis of the jacket
  • 1994, Calculation of a hull (ship, DnV-rules) for Aker Stord with extra pressure on deck
  • 1994, Structural engineer, detail engineering Ekofisk 2/4-X
  • 1994, Foundation design, Joanne Foundation
  • 1994, Pile/cluster design, Smørbukk, Jacket
  • 1994, Design of cluster, NGI-jip
  • 1993, Development interface between FASTRUDL and WAMIT. WAMIT generates hydrodynamic loads to FASTRUDL
  • 1993, Testing, control and approval of ICES
  • 1993, Development of interface between FASTRUDL and SPLICE
  • 1992, Development of interface between FASTRUDL and PATRAN. PATRAN is a pre- and post processor for structural engineering programs
  • 1994-99, Position both as leader, secretary and member of the local union bord in Tekna AE.

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